An overview of the StarkExpress platform.
This documentation page is currently work in progress. Throughout the Testnet time, the StarkExpress team will continually revise and update this page.


StarkExpress is a B2B SaaS platform that leverages STARK technology to provide a scalable, non-custodial, and low-cost solution for blockchain ecosystems. It enables the deployment of ZK-based ecosystems, by exposing simple APIs that allow for a seamless integration of applications with minimal changes to existing solutions. The platform provides seamless non-custodial operations with configurable interoperability, while abstracting all blockchain infrastructure and complexity associated with it.
Our platform is powered by battle-tested ZK-STARK technology with close to 1 trillion dollars in settled value. In 2022 STARK based applications accounted for over 50% off all Ethereum L2 transactions.
The StarkExpress platform provides a set of agnostic APIs that can power a broad range of applications, for example:
  • Non-Custodial Exchanges: Use our platform to build a full-featured exchange, where users can trade tokens, with the comfort and efficiency of a CEX, but the security and safety of a DEX, due to the non-custodial nature of STARK technology. You can even use on- and off-ramps to integrate fiat currencies into your app.
  • NFT Marketplaces: With the help of our building blocks, you can create a marketplace where your customers will purchase, sell and trade NFTs, all while they retain total control over the tokens. Best of all? You have total power over the entire fee structure!
  • Payment Networks: StarkExpress enables you to build payment networks, whether generic or even for product-specific currency, like a currency system for your newest SaaS or even physical stores! All with your own rules.
  • Metaverse & Gaming: From in-game currencies to card or item trading, StarkExpress lets your imagination run wild, and build your games and worlds the way you envision them, while empowering your players to interact and trade autonomously.
  • Web2 Applications: StarkExpress provides a user-friendly solution that reduces the complexity and high entry barrier associated with traditional blockchain development for web apps seeking to integrate blockchain technology. Our REST APIs provide access to cutting-edge blockchain scaling technology, enabling Web2 apps to integrate blockchain capabilities with minimal engineering effort.
  • Others: Our platform is designed to be agnostic and versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of use cases beyond those already mentioned. From a secure identity system to a supply chain management solution, our platform's high throughput, low latency, privacy features and customizable interoperability (among others) can support your project's unique requirements.
StarkExpress architecture diagram.


StarkExpress offers a range of components to help developers integrate their applications with the blockchain, including REST APIs and SDKs. In addition, the platform will provide a dashboard for clients to manage their applications.


StarkExpress provides simple and easy-to-use REST APIs for developers to seamlessly integrate with their backend systems. These APIs completely abstract all blockchain-related components, making it easy for developers to understand and use them, and allowing for a faster go-to-market for their applications.
For more information on the APIs and how to use them, please refer to the complete API specification, which can be found here.


StarkExpress provides SDKs that make it easier for developers to integrate their applications with our platform. These SDKs offer functionality for interacting with the StarkExpress API, generating signature keys, encoding messages, and other important tasks. To learn more about our SDKs, please refer to our SDK reference page.
SDKs will be available in many popular languages (e.g. JS, Python and C#).


StarkExpress is developing a dashboard to help clients manage their applications, including asset management and tailored metrics. The dashboard will also allow for API key management and is planned for release during the private Testnet. More details will be provided as they become available.
The private Testnet is scheduled to run from Q1 to Q2 2023.
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